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In 1930, the brewery had the Budvar trademark registered for its new type of beer, which along with the trademark soon gained substantial popularity, resulting in the change of the brewery’s name into “Budvar–Czech Joint-Stock Brewery České Budějovice”. The modern history of the brewery dates back to 1967, when the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic set up “Budweiser Budvar, National Corporation” as the direct successor of the original “Czech Joint-Stock Brewery”. Nowadays Budweiser Budvar is a modern and dynamic company which is built on strong foundations, having managed to combat tough competition backed up by gigantic supranational corporations. Budweiser Budvar Czech Imported Lager is exported to almost 80 countries, counting among the most exported Czech beer brands. In 2015, every fifth lager exported from the Czech Republic was produced in Budweiser Budvar Brewery. Excellent economic results allowed the corporation to invest considerable funds into its development. However, all the modernization always took place in compliance with maintaining the highest quality, genuine brewing procedures and particularly traditional taste qualities of the brewed beer. On that account, Budweiser Budvar premium lager matures in lager cellars for 90 days, being produced using solely Moravian barley, Saaz hop cones and local deep subsurface water from artesian wells.