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Château Changyu–Moser XV (Chinese: 张裕摩塞尔十五世酒庄) is a winery and vineyard estate near Yinchuan, in the Ningxia wine region in Northwest China. Chateau Changyu–Moser XV is also the name of the wine produced by this estate. Opened in August 2013, Chateau Changyu-Moser is part of Changyu, China's oldest and largest wine brand founded in 1892 by Zhang Bishi.

Chateau Changyu Moser XV is a joint venture between Changyu Pioneer Company and winemaker and consultant Chief Winemaker Laurenz Maria Moser V (Lenz M.Moser) of Austrian winery Laurenz V. The estate is named after Moser who is 5th generation of the Austrian winemaking Moser Family and 15th generation direct lineage to Moser Family.

The estate is recognised by leading wine professionals and academics as one of China's superior producers.