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In anticipation, butcher Johann Leikeim had married the baker's widow, Apollonia Fischer, from the bakery in 1880, and in 1887, with the founding of the brewery, brought together the knowledge of the three Franconian pleasures in the Leikeim family. Today, the region holds the world records for butchery, bakery and brewery density per capita.

For a brewery to last for five generations, it requires a special balance of heart and mind or, to put it another way, the right mix of proven tradition and the necessary modernization. The fact that this has been successful for over 125 years is due to the leadership of the Leikeim family, who put the company to the test over and over again.

Founded in 1887 by Johann Leikeim, Andreas and Anton Leikeim successfully continued the legacy in the following decades and handed over the helm to Dieter Leikeim in 1975. He cleverly developed the family business into a prospering medium-sized enterprise, which his wife Christine Leikeim continued after his death in 1998. In 2016, she completed the generation change and handed over her shares to the three children Andreas (CEO), Bastian and Anna.