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The field, the cellar, the character

Purity, authenticity and commitment define a trajectory that exceeds a century. Our firm was founded in 1905 by three brothers from northern Spain, José, Julián and Emilio Pérez Barquero. That year dates the oldest hearth of the house.

Today the Córdoba, Ruz and Gracia families, owners of the winery since 1985, promote a vision of respect for the vineyard and the upbringing, from a dedicated crop and an expert oenology who knows how to interpret the virtues of Montilla-Moriles.

The great old wines that we treasure are protagonists and guarantors of a classic, pure, extraordinary character. Directed by Rafael Córdoba, the winery now reaches the highest levels of balance and nobility. In the most demanding markets in the world, Pérez Barquero means prestige and truth.