Copy of STROH

When Sebastian STROH made his first schnapps in St. Paul in Carinthia's Lavanttal in 1832, he set the stage for an Austrian success story that has now lasted more than 180 years.

At that time - in the days when the spirits industry in Carinthia was only just beginning to develop - the young man with the good nose for hard liquor made pioneer work, not only on his own behalf. The family business STROH grew steadily and soon the products had an excellent reputation. At the World's Fair in Paris in 1900 STROH received the "Great Gold Medal" and at least since then the triumph of STROH was unstoppable even abroad.

Today STROH is still the leading spirits brand from Austria, which is sold in about 40 countries around the world. If Sebastian STROH could take a look at the internet today, he would be very surprised to see his products selling everywhere.

Today “Inländer Rum” is a geographically protected specialty in the European Union according to the regulation of the EU 110/2008 Annex III, which makes it unique in the international world of spirits.

Thanks to its successful export in the German-speaking region, STROH became the most well-known Austrian brand in Germany in the following years.

In August 2008, a management buy-out was carried out by the managing director Harold Burstein. Since then, STROH is again 100% Austrian-owned.