Beach Avenue Wholesalers

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Established in 1981, we remain faithful to our principle of "Continuity through Change". This has proven to be very successful and will continue to apply in the future.

Our prospects are excellent because operating the company as a "Family Business" means more to us than continuity in management; it also requires a high degree of community spirit, motivation and flexibility; these are decisive factors when mastering changes in the market and consumer behaviour.

B.A.W. has an excellent track record with respect to adapting well to change, seizing opportunities and producing bold innovations. Sound planning provides the basis for our long-term profitability.

Our understanding of a family operated business is a community in which thinking and acting is influenced by the personal identity of the company management and the company owners. This combination permits a much greater degree of commitment and responsible behaviour in the interest of the company's continued development and encourages a community orientated corporate culture.

The prime characteristics of this culture are: A sense of togetherness, team spirit, flexibility, creativity, enthusiasm and personal contact.

These are the key elements for creating visions and adapting them to ever changing conditions.

We are confident that our family philosophy will stand up to the test of the market place.

Irene Patzold - Owner and Director

Bernd Patzold - Owner and Director